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Our Services

Homeless & Wounded Warriors-MN currently provides an array of services for homeless and needy veterans and their families. Oftentimes warriors who have returned home from combat in various theaters of operation feel alienated and lost. Reintegration is a difficult task as these people have changed due to their wartime experiences. Veterans are deeply affected as are their families. Sometimes intervention is needed and we have pledged to be there as both supporters and advocates.

Current services we provide include:

Short-term financial assistance

Assistance with transitional or permanent housing

Referrals to both the VA and Eagle's Healing Nest in Sauk Centre, MN, for mental health help

Advocacy for veterans to obtain their hard-earned benefits, ie., medical, dental, financial

Supportive counseling

Voluntary involvement with H&WW-MN to create a new family they may depend on

Suicide prevention and intervention

Outdoor sporting activities such as kayaking, fishing and hunting.

Ongoing family assistance and support

Homeless & Wounded Warrirors-MN continues to explore other opportunities for networking with State and Federal agencies, and public or private enterprises to assist us in creating a social safety net for veterans to depend on.

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